Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why should you consider net-X-raySM Managed Services for your network?
A. Xtensive Solutions, Inc. managed services portfolio is perfect for SMB customers with or without an IT support staff. With our proprietary remote management tool "net-X-raySM", we have the ability to securely see the entire picture and monitor all aspects of your network on a continuous basis. The net-X-raySM on-site management software, is an integrated platform which can centrally manage and monitor multiple networks and devices from a central dashboard. It can track network connectivity, performance utilization, disk usage, data back-up, virus software, desktop, notebook, printers and other devices utilizing IP addresses. Xtensive Solutions, Inc. understands the value of your network to your business. As such, we have deployed a comprehensive advanced solution (net-X-raySM) to help us continuously monitor the health of your company's infrastructure. As a trusted advisor to your company, we will provide you with a monthly report of the assessment of your network, an asset inventory of your equipment and the ability to react and forecast failures as they occur by scheduling an on-site maintenance. Through our "net-X-ray" management tool, we can provide support and guidance to our customers in the areas of desktop management, server management and network management. With desktop management, we can easily track changes on a per desktop basis by comparing the current audit information on hardware specs, disk space, and installed software against the baseline audit information. With server management, we can quickly troubleshoot the network, Internet or server performance issues, test connectivity issues and configure the net-X-ray to send notification alerts when servers go down and when potential security threats occur.

Q. Why would you spend money for preventive maintenance?
A. Most people think that a desktop or a notebook does not need preventive maintenance, therefore, you use it until it breaks and then repair or replace it. With preventive maintenance, you are assured of saving money in the long run and avoid laying out cash for repairs and peripheral replacements.

Q. Why would it save you time and money when utilizing preventive maintenance?
A. With preventive maintenance you are avoiding data loss, threats from viruses, spam and spyware and the ultimate... system failure. Regular preventive maintenance is simple when compared to troubleshooting and repairs. You can be repairing the system for hours, and entire day or even days. With regular maintenance, the technician or engineer may only be at your site for 2 hours, 4 hours or 6 hours per month, depending on the type of job. Also, by maintaining your system with new updates and upgrades, there will be an overall improvement in performance.

Q. How do you protect your system from viruses?
A. With a preventive maintenance program, we can recommend software that will help detect viruses and protect your system from hackers. It is so easy to get attacked by the following viruses: worms, trojan horses, bugs, virus impostors, jokes, dropper, virus hoaxes and many more. Armed with the latest anti-virus software, spam filters and spyware filters, your system will be less vulnerable to spammers and hackers.

Q. How do you prevent losing your data?
A. With preventive maintenance, we will install necessary safeguards to protect your most important asset, your data.

Q. Would I be paying too much money if I subscribe to preventive monthly maintenance?
A. No, quite the contrary... "you will be spending less". The cost is dependent upon the size of your network, type of work we do and the frequency of maintenance.